Google Art Project – Get Up Close and Personal with Art



Can you name the piece this close-up comes from? If you said Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, then you’d be correct. If you said Catnarok then you’d be wrong, but nice try anyway. By now, most people have used Google Maps to help find their destination, view new places using street view, and of course, looked at their own home. But Google, the old’ gentle giant, isn’t happy with just mapping out streets. Now they’ve turned their eyes to mapping out art museums and their works with the Google Art Project.

When I was in school, my art teachers always told the class how the intensity of brush strokes meant different things and how they would give different emotions to your art, and then they would say other very inspiring things that always came out like this. But, we never got a chance to see these works of art up close to understand such concepts. Now that I’ve seen some of the pieces in greater detail at the Google Art Project, I can see the amazing amount of talent and dedication that’s put into art, that most times goes unseen. The site is perfect for letting kids explore the different artists and styles found in the museums or just letting them see the amazing detail first-hand to better understand the unbelievable process behind creating these works of art.

Another work of art unseen is the process that Google used to create these virtual museums and interactive close-ups. Here is a quick look behind the scenes at how they did it.

Oh, Google, what will you map next? If the most popular posts on this site indicate anything you might look into space.

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