Geekery – Super Mario Bros. Crossover


It’s that table-turning time once again, ladies and gentlemen. Where the teachers get to become the students and learn from the grand book of geekdom. Today we tackle the topic of 8-bit gaming (with a minor in arbitrary alteration, apparently). This time of yore is akin to the Jurassic era with large and looming beasts dominating the landscape. The T-Rex, in this case, being the toys and games company called Nintendo (founded in 1889, unbelievably).

Since its 1985 debut, it can be hard, to sum up, the impact that the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, for short) has had on the culture, not to mention review all of the classic characters and locales to be found, but somehow game designer Jay Palin figured it out. The premise is simple: play the classic game Super Mario Bros. with an all-star roster of some of 8-bit gaming’s greatest stars.

Though the idea is simple the amount of hard work and dedication that went into this project is amazing. Each character plays differently by using their signature equipment and moves. Even the background music is changed to fit the games the characters come from. In just the short year since the game was released, Pavlina has added new characters, modes, cheats, tutorials, and more to make this not only an awesome game to play but a digital museum to the 8-bit era.

So now that you’ve had your lesson, it’s time to do your homework and play this game. (Thanks to Katie for the link.)

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